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guess which doofus accidentally included the mesh to an upcoming project instead of the actual mesh you’ll need :P


That skin set I’ve been going on about was posted here!


okay it’s about dang time i post SOMETHING else. so here’s a set of nighties for your kiddos! as with everything else, i made these a while ago so, uh… yeah!

they come in 28 colors total. 14 are just copy+paste of charterzard’s recolors of the original nightie, i just changed the bows to pink. ^u^ the other 14 are done in colors by pooklet, huning, and one by aelia, and they use charterzard’s texture. and the bows are all pink cause i wanted them to match the slippers… which i recolored to look like a pair i own! ^___^ so, the mesh is included, and here is keoni’s original post.
swatch 1 // swatch 2
[ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) ☆ ] | [ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Box) ☆ ]


Wow it’s the “rest” of my hair dump like two or three days late idk. Rest is in quotations cause…there are more but i’m getting to a point of crippling laziness and whether they see the light of day is anyone’s guess. also depression hit me in the face over the weekend so yay great times!

Same deal as before, the palette used is pretty inconsistent, but the male hairs use io and pooklet colors and have one grey. The female hairs were done pretty recently obviously, so there are more colors.

NC25 has four families, one of which is all dip dyes which look much like the one in the picture up there. Cazy Skyle has three families. Elders get a grey-lilac and a charcoal-white dip dye instead of regular greys with NC25! hooray!

On that note, both use pooklet’s V3 but I kinda sorta mangled the texture using io’s method in order to get a different look, particularly because cazy and nightcrawler meshes tend to frustrate me :| Also the highlights on Cazy Skyle aren’t perfect but screw it.

Pooklet’s V3 textures, also colors by both io and pooklet. meshes included for all.

uhhh that’s it. have at:

Cazy Skyle | Lapiz Lazuli Zombrex | Cazy Nicholas | NC25 | Newsea Sakura F>M

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I decided to delete all my posts on here, and on LJ! I want to start fresh now that’s been a couple years :)

i’m starting over